At TMT, a combination of intellectuals and creative experts serving in various dimensions such as Information Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, Management Information Systems, Monitoring & Evaluation, Geographical Information Systems, Capacity Building, Institutional Reforms, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Media, Web / E-Commerce, and all allied services.

Our Services include:

Information Tech

TMT is an ERP, and IT consulting services provider focused on providing successful business solutions. We are capable of working across all technology platforms, operating systems.

Monitoring & Evaluation

M&E Framework Development is a critical component of any project or organization’s success. It is the systematic process of gathering, analyzing and using data to measure progress.


With the creation of this global network, which is seeing far more participation, there are huge benefits that technology can bring for us to development programs and their M&E.


Trance Media Technologies provides GIS services with an all-inclusive solution through GIS & remote sensing services. TMT GIS Mapping Services include integrating, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying data.

Project Management

TMT project management services are vital high impact, time-sensitive projects that are most critical to your organization’s success. TMT work aims to successfully realize the objectives defined in the project charter or other project initiation document.

Financial Management

TMT financial management service helps with financial tasks, billing, and employer-related responsibilities for people who self-direct their services through consumer directed community support or the Consumer Support Grant.

Survey & Data Management

TMT will work with you to build up your process in a discipline that will guarantee your long-term success. With a varied background in project implementations.


ICT in development programs break down the boundaries that existed in communicating lessons and results with the development world with the creation of this global network. .


TMT has an expert and experienced team consulting in both the private and public sectors. They developed the analytical tools for HR diagnostics.

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