Advance Thinking & Planning enhances Project Management

Project management success required discipline, at organizational levels. TMT certified PM experts in understanding of how hard it can be to change behaviors. TMT will work with you to build up your process in a discipline that will guarantee your long-term success. With a varied background in project implementations. We provide project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length.

TMT project management services are vital high impact, time-sensitive projects that are most critical to your organization’s success. Throughout the life of a project, TMT work aims to successfully realize the objectives defined in the project charter or other project initiation document.

of every dollar is wasted due to poor project management
of the budget is lost when a project fails to reach its goals.
projects fail due to change in an organization’s priorities.
of the completed projects experience andhigh score creep
of organizations, outsource their projects to third parties

How it works?

Project management is aimed at producing an end product that will effect some change for the benefit of the organization that instigated the project. It is the initiation, planning and control of a range of tasks required to deliver this end product. Projects that require formal management are those that:

  • Produce something new or altered, tangible or intangible;
  • Have a finite timespan: a definite start and end;
  • are likely to be complex in terms of work or groups involved;
  • Require the management of change;
  • Require the management of risks.

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