We Are Digital Practitioners

We work collaboratively as a team of strategists, creatives and technologists to understand opportunities, define solutions and transform businesses.

Who We Are

Trance Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting company and is involved in providing Information Technology and Management Consultancy services to clients both in Pakistan and Worldwide.

TMT has established a distinguished standing in the consultancy World. We bring passionate people together with the goal of helping our clients by providing unmatched services and solutions. Our innovative and customized solutions serve the specific requirements of our clients/projects. Our Objectives are:

  • To be innovative and creative while developing solutions for our future projects.
  • To support human resource development in all social sectors.
  • To play an effective role in Pakistan’s development policy and social sectors.
  • To empower women with an objective to eradicate gender inequalities.

Our Vision

At Trance Media Technologies, we look at the peak of technology in a more artistic way.

Trance Media Technologies is nurturing individual consultants in our in- house incubators to better serve the industry in a more efficient and effective way. In this New Era, value addition through incorporating efficiency, technology, results, and value addition in services are the key elements for success in the corporate and development sector worldwide.

Gain Client’s satisfaction since 20 years

Established in 2004 and Incorporated as Private Limited in 2016.

For many years, we have been working for private and public sector clients, helping them to achieve their business and development targets.

About Our Professionals

Our certified and innovative professionals lead projects to achieve goals in time by overcoming obstacles. As an integrated consultancy firm, bringing together the expertise of the experts in the development environment, we can develop the total view of processes, interactions and social impacts involved.

Let’s get together, Grab a coffee and through some ideas around