display advertising

attract brand awareness and consumer interest.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Display Advertising is a great way to use striking imagery and messages to effectively promote your service or product to the right people.

Reach customers with precision and scale

Display ads, sometimes called banner ads, have remained a tactic in the ever-evolving digital landscape for one reason: they work. Much like the rest of the internet, their standards have matured and evolved over time. Due to this evolution, it’s safe to say that the online display banners of today are vastly different than the banners that were served up a decade ago. While the look of banner ads may not appear very different from that of a decade ago, the display ads of today are segmented, targeted and work much harder for brands — thanks, in no small part, to the evolution of complex ad serving systems which identify and target messages to qualified/unique users. Such metric-driven technology was non-existent in the early 2000s but now provides a refined level of success measurement. Taking the guesswork out of your hands, Trance Media will create a Display Media Plan which takes all of these systems into consideration. We will work with your team to identify your campaign’s target audiences and messages. Once identified, we will then conduct research across the digital media landscape to identify the optimum approach to best target the campaign’s audience. Contact Trance Media today to review your business and current marketing strategy and learn how our display advertising services can help you achieve your goals.