brand strategy

that makes an impact with your audience

the secret to creating a brand strategy

Trance Media can help get your branding strategy on the right track whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, revamp an existing brand, or need to ensure your brand is being portrayed correctly. The first thing that people recognize about a brand is the visual presentation. Being a creative agency and specializing in visual branding, we’ve helped many of our clients come up with a presentation that best highlights their brand.

The Various Elements of Visual Branding

Most people think that visual branding is making sure that a company’s logo is properly designed. While logo is indeed an important part of visual branding, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Branding can be done within a company to promote a corporate culture or company ethos. Everything from documents, office supplies, and other forms of internal communication can be designed to unite your company with your single message.
Branding can also be used around a specific product or service. Consumers often recognize products and services more than the company that’s responsible for them because they relate to them more. Many elements of a product, for example, can be designed for its own brand from the user interface, logo, marketing promotion, packaging, product description, to the website. Companies are also using visual storytelling to promote their brand. Rather than trying to use hard sell tactics or leaving people to discover their brand on their own, companies are using visual content to engage people with their brand. Because these visual stories get people to interact with their content and evoke strong emotions, they are very effective in communicating a message to the target audience.

Auditing Your Brand for Maximum Effectiveness

It’s important to audit your brand as well, especially if your company has not changed its identity for many years. Trance Media  can help you figure out whether your brand still represents the needs and desires of your target audience. Even if you have an established company in an industry, new demographics can form and new trends can emerge. That’s why you need to ensure your brand’s visual presentation, message, and uniqueness appeals to the popular consensus. Another thing you may need to consider is auditing your brand. To show an example, you want to make sure that your brand’s message and visual presentations matches that of your website. You want to make sure that your online presentation is consistent with your offline presentation so that consumers recognize who you are and make a decision on your established authority, trust and credibility. The elements of your brand may also possibly give off a different impression in different media outlets, so it may need to be revamped to deliver or represent the same kind of message no matter what the medium is. Trance Media has helped numerous clients get their brand strategy right. We’re passionate about our creative projects and understand exactly what our clients need to take their business to the next level.