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Great design is emotional. At Trance Media, we enable visceral connections that reflect key brand values.


The way your brand communicates visually informs customers just as much as written content and services offered. In light of this, your brand identity should always reflect your brand’s values, magnify differentiation and remain consistent throughout every interaction.

Whether clean and simple or bold and interactive, every design element, illustration or digital piece produced from our agency is distinctive and handmade.



Defining your brand visually with the right elements makes all the difference. Animated graphics, custom illustration, hand-made typography, packaging, and a number of other marketing assets may be utilized to make a powerful connection. Our designers are trained to create unique branding and identity packages that are memorable and reflect a brand’s credibility at a glance. Typography, icons, thoughtful graphic design and even the color palette are all carefully crafted to tie together a diverse selection of branded assets.


Perhaps the most human-centric area of our expertise is the user experience (UX) design, which clears hurdles and dead ends from the flow of interaction, enabling users to effortlessly find what they are looking for. Blending ergonomics and utility, we make certain that users are well-served no matter how they reach your website or online content.


Custom illustrations can help to visually define your brand and provide a dramatic way to visually differentiate from competitors. Illustrations are a key component in enhancing otherwise dull ideas or concepts and are often utilized in the storytelling process. Imaginative artwork help show sides of your company or services that are difficult to convey in words alone.


Animation and interactive motion graphics capitalize on functional and narrative possibilities not provided by other branding approaches, without the commitment or overhead of full scale video production. At Trance Media, we use motion graphics to tell stories, teach lessons, and encourage user exploration. Whether explaining complex processes or showing minute product details, our motion graphics specialists provide unforgettable user experiences.

User Interface Design

It’s all about aesthetics, simplicity, design, elegance…usability matters…

It’s all about aesthetics, simplicity, design, elegance…usability matters… Interaction with the user interface design should be natural and the navigational elements should make sense immediately. Colors, shapes and fonts should be consistent throughout. This strengthens the brand identity and gives the user a clear idea of what they can interact with. The framework goes through rigorous usability testing and feedback until we feel it provides a sublime UX.

Designing Sites for Better UX

Designing Sites for Better User Experience

In our website building process we are going beyond great looking design and focusing also on user experience (UX). Some of the benefits of improving user experience include increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, lowered abandon rates and even decreased customer service requests. While the benefits are great, the concept of good user experience can be a bit fuzzy. There’s no magic formula or set of rules for designing a website that provides an excellent UX.