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Software Development

Desktop applications are rapidly becoming the VHS of the internet era

Cloud computing, simply put, allows you to carry out all the things you used to do inside Windows & MS Office within a web application. The really great thing about cloud apps though is that the much lower cost of development and maintenance (Vs. traditional software solutions) allows developers to create bespoke software that’s designed specifically for your business. Whether it’s an off the shelf SaaS solution – like our own management software, Webin, or a bespoke system built for just one company, the viability of bespoke software development for small businesses has skyrocketed.

We’ve developed many bespoke systems for clients, from insurance solutions for sales and policy administration, to full business management suites. We generally work in the Codeigniter and Zend PHP framework, which is fast, flexible and powerful enough to suit even the most complex applications. We take security and data protection seriously here at Pakistan, so you can rest assured that you and your customers’ data is secure.
We think cloud computing and bespoke software development are the industrial revolution of the internet – it’ll transform your business and allow you to increase productivity massively, allowing you to save time and do more.

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