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Who We Are?

We work closely with our clients to deliver quality services and solutions. All assignments are entrusted to the dedicated senior management and are delivered by following quality control procedures and respective terms of reference.

Our Mission:

We are helping people in their pursuit of attaining sustainable economic growth and prosperity, through providing quality business and management consulting services.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the world’s leading consulting firms in creating productivity, quality improvement and helping people to utilize best of their potential for growth and success.

Our History

Prospective Consulting Services (Pvt) Limited was founded in Pakistan by the team of experienced professionals with chartered accountancy, cost and management accounting and certified public accountancy qualifications. The founders bring in a 40 years’ cumulative professional experience along with 25 years of consulting experience in business and management consulting, Information Technology, project management and entrepreneurship. We support individuals, businesses and organizations in their pursuit of achieving growth and success in their objectives, by providing professional services in all business and management consulting domains.

What Do We Offer!

Our services help people and organizations for their growth and achievement of objectives. We provide professional advice and services to our clients in the following areas:

Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

Our management consulting solutions are supported by diversified yet extensive experience of our specialists in various industries and service sectors. We provide various standard and customized solutions to our valued clients.

Monitoring & Evaluation Services

Monitoring & Evaluation Services

Our monitoring and evaluation services result in better understanding and decision making of our clients. 

  1. Business process monitoring.
  2. Compliance monitoring.
  3. Financial monitoring.

Survey Services

Survey Services

We help our clients in gathering and gaining information through all types of surveys including:  

  1. Social & Community based Surveys.
  2. Market research Surveys.
  3. Field & site survey.
  4. Market research Surveys

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Our experts including chartered accountants, cost and management accountants and lawyers assist individuals and organizations in finding and implementing best practices in corporate affairs management.

Training & Certification

Training & Certification

We provide professional learning and development solutions to individuals and organizations. Our services include:

  1. Corporate trainings.
  2. Capacity building trainings and refresher courses.

Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

We provide support to our clients in all HR functions including the following:

  1. Assistance in recruiting and hiring process.
  2. HR Trainings

Core Values:

Planning & Organizing

Teamwork Spirit

Bottom-up approach

Ethics and Integrity

Quality Assurance

Social Solidarity

Timely delivery


Global Dimension

Life-Long Learning


Comprehensive care

What Makes Us Different:

We are committed to building the working world prosperous through our engagement with people by:

  • 1

    Developing Partners for Strategic alliance

  • 2

    Building capabilities and mobilizing organizations

  • 3

    Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions

  • 4

    Driving sustainable impact and growth

  • 5

    Providing unparalleled opportunities for personal growth

  • 6

    Succeeding together with passion and trust