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TMT is an ERP, and IT consulting services provider focused on providing innovative and successful business solutions. We are capable of working across all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures. TMT has experience in performing implementations, technical and functional upgrades, optimization projects, and full-service staffing. TMT has real-world experience across a broad spectrum of industries and can apply that knowledge to best face your business needs. Our recruiting process selects only the most highly qualified individuals for your project. If we cannot find the best consultant for your project, then we have a large pool of third-party consultants that we recruit from to ensure your business needs are met.

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Revenue growth from new IT Based business initiatives.
Revenue growth from new IT Based business initiatives.
Revenue growth from new IT Based business initiatives.

Want your company to grow? Let Us Help!

Our consultants have up to twenty years of business experience and an average of more than six years of IT and ERP experience. This means that the project team not only understands how systems work but they also understand how technology impacts the business processes of organizations.

* Enterprise Resource SolutionMake Your Company Grow *

Our Think Tanks are continuously looking into the industry needs to transform them into more perfect and user-friendly smart solutions to reduce the workload and create more intelligent analytics for appropriate management decisions.

Our Customized and well-integrated ERP and MIS solutions for various industries are serving in a more perfect and smart way. Either you are worried about managing your Human Resource or looking for new marketing strategies to increase your sales and support in after-sale services to build a strong client community.

The well-streamed path to lead from procurement to manufacturing for better-finished products.

We believe that the success of engagement is determined by strong project management, as well as clear communication and mutual commitment to working collaboratively.

Our methodology begins with listening to the customer about their needs, then working with their team to gain a clear understanding of the requirements while providing a knowledge transfer of best practices for the organization.

When you leverage our exceptional recruiting and management capabilities and unparalleled client service skills, you take the most important step toward accomplishing your business goals. As a trusted advisor to companies of all sizes, we make it our business to become a specialized, physical extension of your team.

* Management Information SolutionIncrease Your Profits *

Well, custom-developed Management Information Systems integrated with PMIS, FMIS, GIS and other industry requirements are our specialty at TMT.

We have developed systems for National & International Donor Agencies, Govt. Departments and private sectors for their Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

We listen to your goals, assess your needs, and then take the steps necessary to achieve your objectives. Built on long-term, trusted client and employee relationships, we strive to plan, execute, and deliver high-quality services and results consistently and efficiently.

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